This DVD contains 10 GMC Factory
Dealer Videos for the Syclone,
Typhoon, and Sonoma GT. Also
includes a clip of the Syclone LSR
on its record setting run, and the
race where the Syclone beats the
Ferrari. These videos were used to
introduce these unique trucks to
the dealers and their sales staff.
Approx 2 hr 15 minutes long.

The Syclone Story
2. The Syclone Story Vol 2  
Syclone Walkaround & Niche
Marketing Presentation
4. 1991 GMC Truck Syclone
Consumer Video Presentation
5. 1991 GMC Truck Syclone
6. 1991 GMC Truck Advertising
7. 1992 GMC Truck Sport Machines
Consumer Video Presentation
8. 1992 GMC Truck Sport Machines
9. 1992 GMC Sportmachines
10. Welcome To Reno
Now on DVD,Sportmachines The
Video Vol 1-4. Approx 7 hours
long. These 2 DVD's contain
racing, Syclone Challenge,
promotional programs, private
collections, prototype vehicles,
historic vehicles, Kansas City
Nationals 1998 and 1999, Great
Lakes BBQ 1997 and 1999, and
more. $10.00
This DVD contains the video,
The Buick Grand National Video
Vol 1. This DVD contains
dragstrip racing, tech tips, GNX
and more. Approx 1 hour 50
minutes long. Actual DVD video
quailty may vary due to the
quailty of the original VHS tape.