Photocopy of the PAS manual
that was used to complete the
final assembly of the Syclone,
Typhoon, and Sonoma GT.
Approx 281 pages. $30.00.  
Media mail shipping.
Photocopy of Syclone
Typhoon Master
Technican Overview.
$11.00 Approx 57 pages.
Photocopy of Syclone
Typhoon Driveability and
Service Reference Manual.
Approx 16 pages and approx
49 minute DVD. $11.00
Photocopy of Syclone
Service Highlights
Reference Manual. Approx
25 pages, and approx 32
minute DVD. $11.00
Original Dealer Parts
Book. The dealer used
this book to look up part
numbers. 91 Syclone only
$75.00, 91-92 Syclone,
Typhoon, Sonoma GT
$100.00, 91-93 Syclone,
Typhoon, Sonoma GT
GMC Service Manual
Supplement for the Syclone,
Typhoon and Sonoma GT.  
1992 GMC Typhoon used Owners
Manual  $150.00
1991 GMC Syclone used Owners
Manual $150.00