Brand new OEM Syclone
cladding, left front bed.
Brand new Syclone
leather steering
wheel. $250.00
GMC Syclone, Sonoma GT, and
Typhoon brand new set of
factory fog lights. Includes
housings, lenses, bulbs, and
wiring pigtails. $100.00
Brand New NOS Syclone
Factory Seat Bottoms
$200.00 a pair.
Drivers side only. $75.00
New Syclone Glove Box
Door Emblem $50.00
Brand new set of
original uncut GM keys
for your Syclone,
Typhoon, or Sonoma
GT.  $6.00
Brand New NOS
Syclone Typhoon
downpipe $200.00
Brand new original grey GMC
Truck decal for the 1992
Typhoon.  $40.00
Brand new original red GMC
Truck decal for the Syclone
and Sonoma GT.  $40.00
Brand new set of Typhoon rear
bumper brackets. $75.00
Brand new original gold GMC
Truck decal for the 1993
Typhoon $40.00
Brand new set of black
GMC letters. Letters only,
no nuts. $55.00
Brand new center console
hinge for the Syclone, Typhoon
or Sonoma GT. Hinge only.
92-93 Typhoon door jam
label $40.00
Brand new set of factory Syclone
rubber floormats. $100.00
Brand new Syclone
Typhoon Air deflector
Brand new cluster housing for
the Typhoon or Sonoma GT.
Can also be used on the
Syclone if you want to use the
Typhoon/Sonoma GT power
mirrors.  $300.00
Brand new NOS
inetercooler brackets.
Brand new horn button for
the Typhoon or Sonoma GT.
Brand new Sonoma GT glove
box door emblem $40.00
Original Syclone
windshield banner $55.00
Brand new drink tray for
the Syclone, Typhoon, or
Sonoma GT, $125.00
Brand new Keyless Remote for
the GMC Typhoon $50.00
Brand new set of 1992
factory Syclone carpet
floormats $200.00
Brand new factory throttle body
for the GMC Syclone or
Typhoon. Includes new IAC
valve. $150.00
Brand new NOS Emission decal
for 93 Typhoon.  $60.00
Brand new NOS Off Road
Warning sticker for Syclone or
Typhoon. $25.00